Eliminate open pores with PDT

Rejuvenation of pores and skin cells and therapy of open pores by photodynamic remedy or PDT is among the fashionable worldwide methods that “carebeautyco.com is eager to maintain you knowledgeable of.


The system exposes the pores and skin to a beam of sunshine, which is ultraviolet rays or a laser, after which the drug used turns into more practical and treats pimples and enlarged pores, and the phototherapy reduces oily secretions from the sebaceous glands, lowering them and returning to their regular measurement.

Dr. Mudar Al-Qayyim, a specialist in dermatology and cosmetic surgery, laser surgical procedure and hair transplantation, from the “Lamsa Obagi” clinics from Jeddah, spoke to “I’m Zahra” about this method, describing it as the newest know-how on this planet when it comes to security and effectiveness.


What’s photodynamic remedy?

Photodynamic remedy is a prescription drug that’s utilized to the pores and skin, aminolevulinic acid, which is FDA accepted.


What circumstances is that this therapy used for?

1- Treating some pores and skin cancers

2- Regeneration of pores and skin cells

3- Treating pimples and rosacea

4- Give the pores and skin the specified smoothness


What are the sorts of radiation used with photodynamic remedy?

A number of sorts of radiation can be utilized, together with lasers, pulsed mild, diode lasers, blue rays, pink rays, and different seen rays, and even photo voltaic rays. As for the medium (photosensitizer) that’s positioned on the pores and skin, its time varies from 45-60 minutes, and the sunshine medium is then directed to the pores and skin for a interval that varies from 15-20 minutes, and it have to be straight on the handled tissue.

Is that this therapy protected?

This therapy may be very protected, and the lady then makes use of a cream for 2 days to cut back the redness ensuing from it.


What number of classes does the girl want?

You want 3-4 classes at completely different time intervals, relying on the affected person’s situation

What are the steps of the phototherapy course of?

1- Cleansing the pores and skin with alcohol or utilizing a sanding process

2- Apply the allergen for 40-60 minutes

3- Exposing the pores and skin to rays for 10-20 minutes

4- Use a pores and skin cream for 2 or three days solely

5- Phototherapy is painless and doesn’t want anesthetic

6- It’s preferable to not be uncovered to the solar for 2 days after the session or to make use of sunscreen

7- There are not any negative effects

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