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It’s identified by everybody {that a} moist pores and skin is indispensable for a youthful and extra stunning look. Whereas moisturizer is an indispensable a part of the care routine for everybody, there’s truly lots of misinformation about it. Listed here are the identified misconceptions about moisturizers…



Delusion: In case you apply moisturizer day-after-day, your pores and skin will change into sluggish and change into accustomed to it and lose its skill to remain hydrated by itself.


That’s proper: The pores and skin doesn’t “get used to” moisture and forgets tips on how to keep moisturized by itself. Simply as your physique wants meals and water, and your pores and skin wants assist staying hydrated, simply differently.



Over time, the pores and skin naturally loses its skill to remain hydrated. Whereas this will likely have totally different causes corresponding to local weather, it’s often associated to age and solar injury. Your pores and skin might have extra moisture, particularly in climate adjustments or within the winter season. The pores and skin also can change into dry from utilizing unhealthy skincare merchandise like abrasive exhausting cleaning brushes and scented merchandise. Typically instances, all it takes to convey the pores and skin again to regular is to make use of higher merchandise to assist it heal. If you cease damaging your pores and skin, the issue of dryness can go away.



Delusion: Pores and skin can change into hooked on moisturizer.


That’s proper: It’s a bit complicated as a result of in case your pores and skin is of course dry attributable to genetics or dries out attributable to solar injury and the deteriorated floor barrier attributable to age, this will probably be alleviated by the routine utility of a moisturizer, however you’ll be able to’t repair the foundation reason behind dryness and you’ll by no means have solved the issue. The pores and skin can not change into bodily or psychologically depending on moisturizer the way in which an individual can change into hooked on cigarettes. With routine use of a face or physique moisturizer, it might be that we get used to the way in which our pores and skin feels and appears a sure method, and we don’t like the way in which our pores and skin feels in its unhydrated state. That’s why we maintain making use of moisturizer to keep up the sensation we love. It isn’t habit; We do that as a result of we like how our pores and skin feels.


Delusion: In case you wash your pores and skin day-after-day, you solely must moisturize.


That’s proper: Some over-cleanse your pores and skin, which continually depletes the pure substances (corresponding to ceramides, fatty acids or hyaluronic acid) that maintain the pores and skin agency and moist. However through the use of a mild, fragrance-free face wash, a light, soap-free physique cleanser, and avoiding lengthy baths or showers that injury the pores and skin’s moisture barrier, you’ll be able to cleanse day by day with out worrying about drying the pores and skin.



Delusion: You solely want moisturizer when you’ve got visibly dry, flaky pores and skin.


That’s proper: It isn’t, and it will be a horrible mistake to imagine it! No matter your pores and skin kind, so long as you select a moisturizer (cream for dry pores and skin, gel or liquid for shiny pores and skin, lotion for regular and mixture pores and skin) with useful substances and a texture appropriate for the pores and skin kind, you’ll be able to undoubtedly obtain nice outcomes. Nonetheless, you can too get these must-have substances from different skincare merchandise (corresponding to face serums, remedies, boosters, and toners); A product doesn’t need to be labeled “moisturizer” or have a creamy texture to your pores and skin to get what it must be wholesome.



Delusion: You want totally different moisturizers for various components of the physique.


That’s proper: It completely is determined by your pores and skin kind and circumstances. For instance, when you’ve got oily pores and skin however dry pores and skin in your legs, sure, you’ll profit from utilizing two totally different moisturizers. Private desire additionally performs a job: it’s possible you’ll choose gentle lotions or gel face moisturizers, or it’s possible you’ll just like the protecting really feel of a nourishing physique cream. What’s additionally true is that any facial moisturizer will be utilized from the neck down, and any well-formulated physique moisturizer can be utilized in your face as nicely, assuming it’s appropriate to your facial pores and skin kind.



Pores and skin wherever on the physique will profit from the routine utility of antioxidants, skin-replenishing substances and skin-replenishing substances. All of those maintain pores and skin wholesome, supple and supple, and you may apply them to your face, neck and the remainder of your physique as a cream, lotion, gel or liquid.

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